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Who I am

My Story .

It is nearly impossible for me to walk into a room and not begin to see it’s beauty and hidden potential. Design is not something that I just do, it is part of who I am every day. It began at a young age when I was introduced to the world of interior design by my grandmother who sewed custom draperies. But as much as I loved all of the pretty decorative things I would also watch episode after episode of This Old House. Between that show (which is a goal of mine to be on if you happen to know anyone!), my grandfather’s wood shop and my 6th grade shop class I was hooked on everything interior design, construction and wood. I was never afraid to get some dirt under my fingernails, and still do.

History About Me

When I decided to make my love of design into more than just a hobby, I attended New England School of Art & Design where I was challenged to think conceptually and intellectually about design and was exposed to the great masters throughout history. I graduated Cum Laude in 2001 with my BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in Interior Design and so began my career. 

After graduating college and working in high-end residential design, I found myself landing in a niche within the Interior Design world. Kitchens!

Kitchen Design is a perfect fit for me; a beautiful and harmonious marriage of design, function and construction. Everything that my mind naturally gravitates towards and I have been working in this specialty ever since.

I have worked at several note worthy companies since I got my start in the early 2000’s and have learned a lot. While I picked up some great skills, I also noticed an unfortunate divide that happens when a proper team has not been engaged and the inefficiency that comes with a big fancy showroom. That is why I started Studio Bowerbird. We work in the studio model where now the focus is on the client, designer and builder relationship.